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There is a reason that many of our patients drive 20+ miles past tons of other chiropractic offices to get to Sleigh Family Chiropractic. It’s not just because we know them by name, or that we are friendly and accommodating. It’s because we’re devoted to delivering the best spine and nervous system-focused chiropractic care so our patients feel better faster and stay feeling good for the long term. We deliver the goods, so to speak.

In order to deliver the highest quality, most precise chiropractic adjustments, we do a thorough evaluation including consultation, palpation, state-of-the-art nervous system scans and digital X-rays (if needed).

We are always shocked when patients tell us they have never had as thorough of an evaluation with a doctor who truly listens. The goal at the end of the evaluation is to determine if dysfunction in the spine and nervous system are the root cause of the patients’ complaint(s) and to determine what the most effective treatment plan will be.

Since we work with patients from birth to 100+ years old, we have studied many diverse adjusting techniques in order to specialize care for each individual. Our targeted approach helps our patients get better results quicker.

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